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How to order #002 Two Early Nineteenth Century Chemises.


#002 Two Early Nineteenth Century Chemises. $14.00 (US funds)

A chemise and a shift are interchangeable words, as the word corset is interchangeable with stay. Chemises were worn under the stay. This way the stay would remain clean and would be washed less. It looks as if some stays were never or very seldom washed, if we can judge their appearance from museum collections. Chemises from this era could be made of all linen, a blend of linen and cotton, and cotton.

The earliest documented round necked, ungathered, chemise we have researched is embroidered with cross stitched date of 1806.

These two simple chemises can be made with a high or open neck and short or elbow length sleeves. The high neck was embroidered with red thread. Mice teeth needlework finished the neck and sleeve edges.

The patterns are multi-sized 10 through 26. The open neck requires 2-1/4 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric for sizes 10-14, 2-5/8 Yds. for sizes 16-20, 3 Yds. for sizes 22-26.The high neck requires 2-1/4 Yds. of 45 inch for sizes 10-14, 2-3/8 Yds. for sizes 16-20, 2-3/4 Yds. for sizes 22-26.

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