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How to order #010: Traditional Square Cut Gentleman's Shirt
with Detachable Collar 1850-1870

#010 Traditional Square Cut Gentleman's Shirt with Detachable collar. $14.00 (US funds)

The square cut, drop-shouldered style pictured is the most common style from 1850-1870. The original is is in the Hennepin County Historical Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The shirt is documented to have been hand sewn in the 1850s by the wife of the gentleman who wore it.

Historical notes are included as well as instructions for making a cravat and tying a Gordian knot.

The suggested fabrics are: White cotton sheeting for the body and a fine white linen for the collars, cuffs and plaited front. You may also make the body of the shirt of a printed cotton and the detachable collar out of white cotton or linen.

Chest size 34 requires 2-3/8 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric; chest sizes 36-38 require 2-5/8 Yds.; chest sizes 40-44 require 3-1/4 Yds.; chest sizes 46-48 require 3-5/8 Yds.; chest sizes 52-54 require 3-3/4 Yds.

If making the shirts using white sheeting, purchase eight four-hole 3/8" fresh water pearl buttons. If making the shirt using a calico fabric, consider purchasing matching calico buttons. Both fresh water pearl and calico buttons can be purchased from

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