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How to order #015: Classic Plain-Cut Summer
Trousers of the Mid-19th Century in Big and Tall waist sizes 44-52.

These trousers are appropriate for summer wear. Winter trousers of the same time period will be issued in the Spring of 2003.

PATTERN: $19.00 (US funds).

For Classic Plain-Cut Summer Trousers in Regular waist sizes 28 through 42 order #014.

The pattern is a multi-sized regular in waist 44-52. In 45" wide fabric, waist sizes 44-50 require 3-1/8 Yds.; waist size 52 require 3-1/4 Yds.

In the Construction Notes Past Patterns introduces you to 19th century measuring, let-out seams, middle-line and the location of the 19th century man's natural waistline. In the Marking and Making-Up section Past Patterns discusses tailor's supplies and thread marks. In the Hand Stitches Past Patterns illustrates the stitches used to sew the original trousers, make buttonholes and sew buttons with a neck.

BUTTONS FOR SUSPENDERS AND FLY: Suppliers for broadcloth and accessories: Wm. Booth Draper, ; Roy Najecki,; Needle and Thread, Phone (717) 334-4011.

Phone us at (937) 223-3722 or use the Order Form to order by fax or mail.


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