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How to order #108: Four Edwardian Corset Covers

#108: Four Edwardian Corset Covers $16.00 (US dollars)

The corset covers worn by the ladies sitting on the ottoman are featured in corset covers worn by women with mature figures which did not need padding to create the fashionable S-shape. The standing lady is wearing a corset cover with a ruffle down the front which adds fullness without padding. All the corset covers are delicately constructed using French hand and machine sewing techniques. The pattern instructions include step-by-step French hand or machine sewing instructions.

This pattern is multi-sized 10 through 20. The fabric needed is from 1/2 Yd. to 3/4 Yds. of 45" wide fabric.

#117: French Drawers $16.00 (US dollars)

French drawers fit smoothly over the hips with darts and flare below the knees. They can be fastened at the sides with buttons or a drawstring at the back waist. They can be made very simply or become an artistic display of insert and trim lace, ribbons and needle work.

This pattern is multi-sized 10 through 20. The fabric needed for the seated lady is 2-3/8 Yds. of 45" wide fabric for size 10 through 12. Sizes 14 through 20 requires 2-5/8 Yds. of 45" wide fabric. The fabric needed for the standing lady is 2-7/8 Yds. for all sizes.

Suggested fabrics are: cambric, nainsook, and lawn. The colors were white, flesh and tea.

Wear this with Past Patterns' #106 "Straight-Fronted" Edwardian Corset.

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