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How to order #126: May Manton Fashion Co.'s
Girl's and Small Woman's Uniform: Circa 1917-1919

This Vintage Revivals pattern has been graded to bust sizes 30 inch to 36 inch. The pattern envelope, and instructions are edited. The pattern has basic illustrated instructions. It is printed on white bond paper and packaged in plastic.



Pattern #126

Size: Bust 30 through 36

This pattern was manufactured by May Manton Fashion Co. circa 1917. Several friends and Past Patterns researched May Manton Fashion Co.'s catalogs to find the exact date of the pattern publication but none were found for the years 1917 through 1919. If you find May Manton Fashion Co.'s catalogs for those years please contact Past Patterns so that we may finalize the research.

The only instructions for constructing the pattern were printed on the front side edge of the envelope in the statement, "For quantity of material, directions and diagrams for cutting see reverse side of envelope." No separate construction sheet was included with any of the three patterns. We have copied instructions from contemporary sewing books and added illustrations where they were needed. It is an easy pattern to sew. The details are left to the individual and historian who knows what this uniform pattern is.

The pattern was issued in three sizes originally: Small 10 years, Medium 14 years, and Large, 18 years. Past Patterns added the sizes 12 and 16. Only the description of the contents was printed on the envelope so we have given it the number 126 for your convenience.

Suggested fabrics: No fabric suggestions were printed on the pattern envelope.

Materials required for Long Coat: Sizes 10-12 needs 3-5/8 Yds., Sizes 14-16 needs 4 Yds., Size 18 needs 4-3/4 Yds. Materials required for Short Coat: Sizes 10-12 needs 2-3/4 Yds., Sizes 14-16 needs 2-7/8 Yds., Size 18 needs 3-1/8 Yds.

Cost: $14.00

Thanks to Katy Bishop of Vintage Victorian for finding the three original size patterns on e-Bay.

Phone us at (937) 223-3722 or use the Order Form to order by fax or mail.

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