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#6109: Ladies' and Misses' Pajama Ensemble: Circa 1929-1930

The Vintage Revivals patterns are only one size; the original size. The pattern envelope, instructions and pattern pieces are unedited. The patterns are printed on blue line paper and packaged in plastic.


Pattern #6109

Size: 38" bust, 42" hips.

This pattern was published by The Ladies Home Journal Pattern Company. Originally the pattern was described as "Ladies' and Misses' pajama ensemble, consisting of a sleeveless, tuck-in blouse. Four-piece wide trousers with legbands, plaited at each upper side and joined to three-piece yoke that closes at back. Separate coat with shoulder edges extending high up on the neck, giving effect of collar. Patch pockets with bands at top. With or without long loose sleeves with sleevebands." Written directions. Pattern dates circa 1929-1930.

In History of 20th Century Fashion, by Elizabeth Ewing she states, "Beach pyjamas, with flaring legs, had been anticipated by slim lounging pyjamas, which Chanel was making in the early 'twenties and which were soon being worn by the fashionable. The beach ones, however, had a life all their own and were worn exclusively on beaches everywhere, usually with backless sun-tops or sleeveless blouses....It was the beginning of a new category of clothes, the start of the 'casuals' which were to have a great vogue in future years."

Suggested fabrics: Pajama ensembles were made of lonsdale jean, cotton duvetyn, cotton broad cloth, Hong Kong jean cloth, khaki cloth, and cotton tweed. The colors were blue, grey, tan, white, navy blue, and black.

Materials required: 5-1/8 Yds. 36" wide fabric.

Cost: $17.00

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