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#6340: Ladies' and Misses' Beach Negligee: Circa 1929-1930

The Vintage Revivals patterns are only one size; the original size. The pattern envelope, instructions and pattern pieces are unedited. The pattern comes in two sizes: 38" bust and 42" bust. The patterns are printed on blue line paper and packaged in plastic.


Pattern #6340

Size: 38" bust, 41" hips or 42" bust, 45" hips.

This pattern was published by The Ladies Home Journal Pattern Company. Originally the pattern was described as "Ladies' and Misses' wrap-around negligee, with open neck and attached throw-scarf. Plaits at shoulders of front and inset plaits at each side of front. One-seam sleeves with slashed openings at sides." Written directions. Pattern dates circa 1929-1930.

In History of 20th Century Fashion, by Elizabeth Ewing she states, "Sunburn was for the first time sought and admired. It even had snob-appeal, for in the days before jet travel and package holidays opened up the world's playgrounds to millions, to go to these favored places in the sun was a distinction. In the late 'twenties soaking up the sun on the Rivera was new, but it caught on quickly and the South of France became a very fashionable international playground, drawing people from all over Europe and also a great number of Americans, with Maxine Elliott [a famous American stage and screen actress] as a bright particular star. All the old cover-up ideas about bathing and the beach went by the board. Beaches strewn with sprawling brown, or would-be brown bodies had been unthought of in the past, when clothes for the promenade or even the beach were almost garden party style, but now they became usual everywhere at home and abroad.

Suggested fabrics: Wrap-around negligees were made of serpentine cotton crepe, rayon satin, cotton print, dimity and cotton pongette. The colors were white, black, rose, tan, Copenhagen blue, blue fancy, and green fancy.

Materials required: 4-1/4 Yds or 4-7/8 Yds. 36" wide fabric.

Cost: $18.00

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