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How to order #707 Yoked Chemise with Embroidery and Short Sleeves 1850-1870.


#707 Yoked Chemise with Embroidery and Short Sleeves. $8.00 (US funds)

Chemises or 'shimmie' were worn throughout the nineteenth century next to the body. The corset was put on over the chemise. Generally, they were calf-length.

The original fabric is a medium weight, high thread count white cotton sheeting.

The pattern is multi-sized 8-26. All sizes require 3-1/8 Yds. of 45" fabric.

Past Patterns' patterns for a Petticoat and Drawers #706, a Hoop Skirt #712 and one of the Corsets: #703, #720 or #708, complete the underwear ensemble.

The Petticoat, Drawers and embroidered Chemise were part of the trousseau of Charlotte Larch. The fortunate appearance of these related garments provides us with a reasonable guideline for breadth and length of the different pieces when worn together.

The other chemise is Past Patterns' #717.

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