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How to order #730 Victorian Pardessus Dated to 1859.

#730 1859 Victorian Pardessus. $28.00 (US funds)

Godey's Ladies' Magazine describes the Victorian Pardessus, "It is distinguished for its style, combined with the ease and comfort with which it can be worn. The material is a grey or speckled cloth, of which it can be made entirely, although the French ladies have incorporated with it an amount of trimming that almost imparts to it the character of being composed of two materials. Thus, while the Pardessus is chiefly framed of cloth it has a broad border, and large portion of the hanging sleeve, in either black velvet or black moire antique. Rows of narrow black ribbon velvet also head these border trimmings."

The description above is all the instructions published. Past Patterns developed the Pardessus in 1992 but because of lack of time, illustrated instructions have not been developed. Since the pattern was completed in 1992 it was decided to release the Victorian Pardessus without illustrated instructions. This was commmon practice until the third quarter of the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth.

This pattern is multi-sizes Small (8-10), Medium (12-14), Large (16-18), XLarge (20-22) through XXLarge (46-48).

Pardessus made "Entirely of Cloth" of 45" wide fashion fabric and lining: S-L 8-1/4 Yds.,
Sizes X -XXL 8-7/8 Yds. Of 60" wide: S-L 6-1/8 Yds., Sizes XL-XXL 7 Yds.

Pardessus made with a "Broad Border Like the French Ladies" of 45" wide fashion fabric the
Split Upper
: S-L 6 3/8 Yds., Sizes XL-XXL 7 1/8 Yds. Split Lower: S -L 3 3/8 Yds.,
Sizes XL-XXL 3 1/8 Yds. Of 60" the Split Upper: S -L 5 1/8 Yds., Sizes XL-XXLarge 5 5/8 Yds. Split Lower: S -L 2 1/2 Yds., Sizes XL-XXL 2 7/8 Yds. Add the Split Upper and Split Lower
for the lining.

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