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How to order #910: 1870s-1901 Overalls

#910 1870s-1901 One Piece Apron Front Overalls. $19.00 (US funds)

In the Historical Notes included with the pattern,
Past Patterns introduces you to never before
published images and documentation. Past Patterns traces apron front (bib) overalls from 1838 to 1901 using art, daguerreotypes, original 19th century
apron front overalls, pattern drafting manuals, mail order and wholesale catalogs and United States government documents.

The pattern is multi-sized, waist 32-52. In 45" wide fabric, waist size 32 requires 2-7/8 Yds.; waist size
36 requires 3-1/8 Yds.; waist size 40 requires
3-1/4 Yds.; waist size 44 requires 3-1/3 Yds.; waist size 48 requires 3-3/8 Yds.; waist size 52 requires
3-1/2 Yds.











Daguerreotype circa 1855 from the Ross Lameroux collection. Thanks to Ross Lameroux for permission to use the dag and Bill Christen who spotted the image on Facebook's "Authentic Farbs" page.


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