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1789 - 1829 for clothing of the Federal Era. Beginning with the Presidency of George Washington and the ratification of the Constitution, Lewis and Clark's Adventure of Discovery, the War of 1812 through the Presidency of John Quincy Adams.

1830 - 1840 patterns for clothing from the Jacksonian Era through the Beginning of the Railroads in the East.

1850s - 1860s patterns from the Antebellum period through the War Between the States

1870s - 1890s patterns Patterns for clothing from the Gilded Age through the Gay '90s.

1900-1919s patterns. for clothing from the Edwardian Era and Ragtime Music.

1920s patterns for clothing of the Roaring Twenties Era, the Liberated Flapper and the Charleston Dance.

1930s patterns for clothing that were influenced by Coco Chanel

1940s patterns for clothing that were influenced by Broadway Plays and Hollywood Movies

Vintage Revival Patterns: A limited assortment of copies of original patterns from the 1890s through 1940.

Historic Reproduction Clothing Workshops

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