Much like last month’s find, we began searching for references to one of our items, a Ladies Home Journal reproduction, the Mid 1910s Dress with Suplice Blouse.
Saundra Altman, our founder and current Creative Director, used the LHJ March 1914 to help produce the patterns for that item.
 PP8211 artwork from Ladies Home Journal March 1914
Our reference this month sends you to where you can find nearly every, complete issue of the Journal starting in 1884 and running through 2014.

That website states,

“Ladies’ Home Journal was an American magazine first published in Philadelphia by the Curtis Publishing Company. Launched in 1883 as The Ladies Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper, it was one of the original “Seven Sisters”, a group of magazines that were traditionally aimed at married homemakers during the nineteenth and early-twentieth century, of which only three are still in print. It acquired its final name in 1889 and was published 11 times per year, before becoming a quarterly periodical in 2014. The magazine ceased publication in 2016.

Each issue featured original articles, news, trends, real-life and fiction stories, advice, recipes, and product recommendations aimed at women. During its tenure, a number of notable figures contributed pieces to the magazine, including Mary Bass, Cynthia Westover Alden, Julia Magruder, Isabel Mallon, Sylvia Porter, Gladys Taber, and Dorothy Thompson. The American food writer and pioneer in the field of domestic science Sarah Tyson Rorer (1849–1937), served as the magazine’s first food editor from 1897 to 1911, before moving to Good Housekeeping.”

This is another terrific resource! Enjoy!

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