PW studio workshops are available in our Grand Rapids, MI studio for individuals who want an introduction to PWstudio 4 software and the appropriate hardware. Tap into our software expertise, with the creator of PWstudio, Isabelle Lott, who has been teaching workshops all over the US and Canada for the past 25 years. Isabelle will give you up to date information and present tutorials to make you comfortable and productive in PWstudio. Workshops are 4 days with 6 to 7 contact hours per day. The fee for our instudio workshops is $125 per day and includes lunch. We prefer to have 3-5 people attend.

Workshops in your Design Studio or Classroom

Your business or school can sponsor a workshop of 3-5 days, with 6-7 contact hours per day. We will provide software, workbooks and the expertise of Isabelle Lott, MA the creator of PWstudio4 to guide you through the program. The charge for this is $450 per day plus all necessary and reasonable expenses (travel, lodging, meals and incidentals). You provide the computers, printers and technical assistance. A projection device is also helpful. To cover your costs, you will need 8, but no more than 10 paying attendees.

On-Line Learning

Introductory and skill building tutorials, in a video format, will be coming soon.

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