1996/1997 Past Patterns Catalogue Notes on Taking Body Measurements circa 1932
The most common question that we get, here at Past Patterns, goes something like this, “Hello how much would it cost to resize patterns 6053 and 8159? I’m approx around a 47 bust, 42 waist, and 53 hips?”
The answer..too much.
In order to do the resizing properly, one would be looking at 10-20 hours of labor depending on how complex the pattern is. By doing the resizing properly, we would include grading from the current size all the way up (so we had all those sizes done for the future). Assuming $40 an hour, which is actually cheap for this type of work, the cost would be $00-$800. We simply would not sell enough patterns to make it worth doing.
Our best suggestion is to do it yourself using one of the following links as a guide: either https://www.sensibility.com/blog/tips/how-to-resize-a-pattern/ OR http://curvysewingcollective.com/the-beginners-guide-full-bust-adjustment/.
All photos in this article are from the Sensibility website.
If you have other suggestions, either in a blog format or vlog format, please let us know.
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