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#5622: Ladies' Evening Dress circa 1923

The Vintage Revivals patterns are only one size; the original size. The pattern envelope, instructions and pattern pieces are unedited. The pattern is computer generated, printed on bond, and packaged in plastic. The instructions are illustrated.


Pattern #5622: Circa 1923.

Size: 36" Bust, Hip 38". Finished front below waistline 33". Lower edge [width] of skirt 3 Yds.

Ladies' evening dress suitable for the theatre, a dance, a dinner party or a soiree. There are three views from which to choose: The first view, View A, is the simplest with a plain skirt and long sleeves that are open from shoulder to wrist and fasten at the wrist with a ribbon. The second view, View B, has short sleeves and includes the scarf. The skirt and scarf may be trimmed with ostrich, marabou or fur. The third view, View C, is sleeveless. The skirt hem is cut in handkerchief points using the pattern as a guide. The pattern for all three views has markings to cut a high, medium or low neckline. There is also a camisole cutting line. The camisole cutting line is for making a body lining of satin over which is worn any of the dresses described above but it can also be used to create a fourth view, not described. This view, which was popular among the adventurously fashionable, would use the camisole cutting line to create a body with straps and attach either the plain or handkerchief pointed skirt.

The pattern envelope describes the dress as, "Ladies' Slip-Over Dress with Two Piece Circular Skirt Attached to Long Body at Close-Fitting Hipline, with or without Long Body Lining Marked for Camisole Top."

Suggested fabrics: Satin crepe, silk crepe, silk taffeta, chiffon velvet, georgette, crepe de Chine, and metallics. The dress may be trimmed with ostrich, marabou or fur. The scarf may be made of georgette and trimmed with ostrich, marabou or fur. Among the popular colors for evening were gold and silver metallic, greens, black, reds, violet and pink.

Materials required: View A-Dress with long sleeves: 4-1/4 Yds. 36" wide, 4-1/8 Yds. 44" wide. View B-Dress with short sleeves with scarf: 3-5/8 Yds. 44" wide, without scarf: 3-1/4 Yds. 44" wide. View C-Sleeveless dress with scarf: 4-1/4 Yds. 36" wide, 3-7/8 Yds. 44" wide. Scarf alone: 3/4 Yd. 44" wide. Ostrich, Marabou, or Fur Banding: 3-3/4 Yds. Ribbon for Ornament:1-3/4 Yds. of 1" wide.

Cost: 20.00

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